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Perfectly Pre-loved

We are proud to offer pre-loved styles through our Circular Shop.
Manymoons takes full responsibility for the quality and condition of every pre-loved item we offer, to ensure you are always happy with your purchase.

We are committed to keeping products in use as long as possible. Each item is meticulously cleaned and repaired until it meets our "like new" quality standards. When we can't do this, we know it's time to close the loop and compost items to return them back to the earth where they came from.

Our Pre-Loved Mission

The Eddy Team is committed to making their beautiful, sustainably and ethically made products available for sale as pre-loved, to ensure every item lives its full life through a circular model. This commitment includes the following:


Careful Inspection

Manymoons meticulously inspect every item that is returned through our Give Back program to ensure it meets our standards.

EWG Approved

Each item is cleaned using UVC light and non-toxic detergents. All detergents are approved for sensitive skin and have "A ratings" from the Environmental Working Group.

In-House Team

The Manymoons in-house team will mend items if needed, stitching seams and buttons until every garment meets our "like new" quality standard.

Our Commitment

If a garment doesn't meet all quality standards and isn't fit for re-use, Manymoons will manage the responsible recycling and composting to eliminate waste.

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